Hailing from Birmingham UK, to English mother and Italian Father, Alessio Miccoli  has been lucky enough to experience the best of Italy and UK, travelling and spending time in both countries giving him a sense of adventure from  a very early age, which has stayed with him ever since.


His Photography, Videography and Musical interests were born out of necessity to help tell his stories. As a musician he looked for other mediums to help express his song writing and music.  Photography allowed him to capture moments otherwise forgotten, enabling him to keep a visual record of his journey as a musician – providing alternative inspiration for song writing.


Videography is a visual extension of Alessio’s music, creating immersive worlds to frame a particular song.  Whether the approach is in the form of a particular narrative, theme or completely abstract – videography allows him to bring a song to life in a whole new way.


Photography/videography influences include Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joanne Mulberg, Allan Hess, William Eggleston, Joel Meyerowitz, Jean Renoir & Robert Yeoman


Alessio’s works have been featured on numerous music channels, blogs, TV including MTV, VH1, Channel 4, BBC, to name a few.

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